Who is D-Rob?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my school of thought! Growing up, I was given the nickname, “D-Rob”. There isn’t really a huge explanation to why or how it came about, it just sort of happened. You see, my full name is Derek (yes the same spelling as Derek Jeter) Roberts, and “D-Rob” is a simple abbreviation of my first and last names.  As I went on through high school and college, the nickname just stuck.  (Just like my love for the Yankees).

In addition to writing, my full time job is a Physical Education and Health teacher at a middle school in an urban school district. I also act and model part time for John Cassblancas in Connecticut, and Dynasty Models in Boston, Massachusetts.

Several years ago, I caught strep throat which triggered a series of illnesses, including lyme, that eventually led to a diagnosis of two autoimmune diseases; ankylosis spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis.  The struggle I went through transformed me into the kind and compassionate man I am today.

I welcome you with open arms to read about my past journey, and to come along and join me on this wild adventure I like to call life. 🤙🙌🧘🏻‍♂️

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